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90-93 Acura Integra Series II Coil-over kit

Part No. 77.0101
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1990 - 1993 Acura Integra

These new systems have been redesigned with improved shock dampening rates, modern foam-type bump stops, and less part content for a simple and durable sport suspension system. This is a perfect system for street performance, new track day and autocross enthusiasts, as well as project cars with engine swaps.

We now are listing SEVEN SPRING RATE COMBINATIONS for our Competition Series II (CS2) coil-over systems for these popular Honda/Acura platforms. Here is some help SELECTING YOUR SPRING RATE combination, all are noted by (front/rear):

Good ride & less understeer than OEM. A modest concession to ride quality. May be a little choppy on bumpy/rough expressways.

350/450 or 350/550
Minimal understeer, quick turn-in, less roll, fast & fun, good for drag launch. Rides rough on bumpy or poor roads.

Best ride for a daily driver. Fun and well-mannered. Modest understeer. Recommended for street/performance & daily drivers.

Good compromise, less understeer, less roll & more grip.

Minimal understeer, awesome handling, quick steering response, good for drag launch. Rides rough on bumpy or poor roads.

Good for track cars equipped with a front end spoiler or splitter. Also for street cars running super-wide wheels & tires and low ride heights. At this point, you should know you are signing up for a huge compromise in ride quality. Very stiff!

MORE DETAILS about these combinations:

FRONT HEAVY setups (350/250, 450/350 etc.)
Good for Daily Drivers (DD), poor weather and road conditions because these setups do not upset the ride on the highway and during cornering. The softer rear suspension tracks nicely and rides better because it is more compliant. These calibrations ride well on uneven road conditions if set up at a reasonable ride height around 1.0 1.5 in. less than OEM (12.5 in.). Expect a dramatic improvement in handling capability and steering response. These setups will still have some mild understeer, less than OEM but still easy and forgiving to drive every day and in all weather conditions. This is the choice for sport-tuned Daily Drivers.

SQUARE setups (350/350, 450/450 etc.)
These setups are a compromise between ride quality and all-out handling. Some impact on ride quality makes for less understeer and faster vehicle response. The stiffer front springs also help prevent bottoming out. This combination is plenty stiff, and NOT recommended for true daily drivers (TDD) on poor roads, or drivers rolling a lot of commuter miles. Good for 'fun cars' driven by more experienced drivers.

REAR HEAVY setups (350/450, 450/550 etc.)
Much more aggressive. This calibration has more grip, and is intended for use with 'performance/track' alignment settings and sticky tires. If ride quality is a major concern, don't go here because the stiffer rear springs make for an uncomfortable (and choppy) highway ride. This is a more balanced and LESS FORGIVING setup intended for enthusiast TRACK days and AUTOCROSS events. These combinations will also launch well for mild drag applications on DOT tires. Expect a HUGE improvement in handling capability. This would also be a great low-budget setup for new (road racing) drivers going to a (track) DRIVING SCHOOL or TRACK events.
Faster chassis response, less forgiving, and MAX GRIP in most cornering situations. The chassis balance will be very close to ideal, having minimal understeer with 'track-oriented' alignment settings and good UHP tires. This is a BIG compromise in ride quality and will require more DRIVING SKILL to drive at the limit (on the track please!) NOT RECOMMENDED for wet/snow/poor weather and road conditions.

ALWAYS CONSIDER the following:
* Primary vehicle use
* Secondary vehicle use
* Weather and road conditions
* Driver skill & experience

For the sake of comparison, typical OEM spring rates for these applications are approximately 220#/in front, and 110#/in rear. With the numerous Civic & Integra applications, there is a range of spring rates, and these CS-II systems are significant upgrades from your OEM damper and spring calibrations.

-Complete system with trimmed bump stops installed on the dampers. You will trim them for your application.

-NEW cellular foam-type bump stop kit. This is a superior OEM-like material and design. These can be trimmed to suit your application.

-INSTALLATION shown on an EF chassis. Note the new brake line bracket now included.
  • Front drop: 1" to 3" --- Rear drop: 1" to 3"
  • One year limited warranty
  • Actual product may be different than pictured
  • Kit does NOT include the black OEM top hats. This kit is designed to reuse the OEM top hats. See instructions below (PDF).
Part No. 62.0101
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