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02-06 Acura RSX (inc. Type S) Coil-over System

Part No. 78.0102
Our Price: $945.00

** NEW NEW NEW This Coil-over system is currently on back order ** These Series I coil-over kits are the perfect balance for the performance-minded enthusiast looking to make huge improvements in handling and appearance where quality, durability, and proven track performance is of the utmost value. The dampers are aggressively tuned for superior ride control and enhanced handling capability. Our exclusive take-apart front housings are rebuild-able and the rear dampers are available as replacements. The DOM steel front housings are plated with an attractive and durable electroless nickel finish. The rear threaded sleeves are stainless steel. The aluminum perch adjusters and spring adapters are clear anodized for durability. ** NOW AVAILABLE ** TWO SPRING RATE COMBINATIONS: Street-Sport 350# front / 650# rear Superior handling with a firm and positive ride quality. This combination is very forgiving and not too harsh. Aggressive drivers will notice enhanced grip, less body roll and less understeer. Recommended for Street HP and daily driven vehicles. Track Day-Autocross 425# front / 850# rear This combination includes two new specific-for-this-application spring designs. Crisp turn-in and much less body roll. Great chassis balance near the limit. The street ride is OK on smooth roads, and will 'communicate' small bumps and some harshness. This combination is for the project car that's 'driven on weekends'. These springs will ride poorly on rough roads. This setup shines on the track. Higher spring rates mean less body roll and more front grip. You will notice better chassis balance and less speed-robbing understeer during cornering. Skilled drivers will notice less brake dive and less steering input will be needed, reducing the driver workload. Lots of fun on the track when pressed hard.

  • Front drop: 1" to 3" --- Rear drop: 1" to 3"
  • One year limited warranty
  • Kit does NOT include the black OEM top hats. This kit is designed to reuse the OEM top hats. See instructions below (PDF).
  • NOTE: The installation of this coilover system to a stock vehicle requires no additional components EXCEPT: Any vehicles with metal upper strut bearings require the plastic OEM upper strut bearing. Use Honda P/N 51726-S5A-004.
  • The front strut assemblies in this kit are rebuildable units
  • The rear dampers in this kit are sealed sleeve-over type units that are non-rebuildable. Replacement units are available.
  • One year limited warranty
Part No. 16.0102
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