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NEW COMBO KIT for 96-00 Civic, Civic Si: Includes CS2 Coilover system and Rear sway bar/brace & end links

Part No. 90.1042
Our Price: $1107.55
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Are you looking for a complete, proven suspension system? With a warranty? At a great price? Look no further!

PROGRESS is now offering this NEW 'CS COMBO' kit. It includes a complete CS2 Coilover system AND our latest PROGRESS Rear Sway Bar/Brace & End link kit. Order one and get the best suspension value available today. Order this CS COMBO and save 40 BUCKS and get a lower shipped price.

CS2 Coil-over system
We now are listing NINE SPRING RATE COMBINATIONS for our Competition Series II (CS2) coil-over systems for these popular Honda/Acura platforms. Here is some help SELECTING YOUR SPRING RATE combination, all are noted by (front/rear):

D-SERIES/Single cam applications
Best ride for a daily driver (DD). Great for commuting. Front may bottom out if set up too low.

Good compromise, less understeer & more fun. A modest concession to ride quality. This may be choppy for some drivers with short wheelbase models; Civic Hatch and CRX.

350/450 or 350/550
Minimal understeer, quick turn-in, less roll, fast & fun, good for drag launch. Rides rough on bumpy or poor roads.

B&K-SERIES/Twin cam applications
Best ride for a daily driver. Fun and well-mannered. Modest understeer. Recommended for street/performance & daily drivers.

Good compromise, less understeer, less roll & more grip.

Minimal understeer, awesome handling, quick steering response, good for drag launch. Rides rough on bumpy or poor roads.

550/550 or 550/650
Good for track cars equipped with a front end spoiler or splitter. Also for street cars running super-wide wheels & tires and low ride heights. At this point, you should know you are signing up for a huge compromise in ride quality. Well balanced on the track & plenty stiff.

Rear Sway Bar/Brace/End link system:
Progress Tech has done it! They have developed an integrated adjustable sway bar/brace/end link system that will deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Our development team understands that performance enthusiasts want an integrated sway package. We have produced a complete sway system that offers superior performance, quiet operation and durable suspension upgrade. Competition Series 'CS' anti-roll systems will perform for years with minimal maintenance required.

Features the following:
- Three point adjustable 22mm sway bar for easy chassis tuning.
- Poly bushings and lateral location rings for instant sway bar response.
- Attractive heavy gauge steel brace for zero sub-frame tear-out.
- Powder-coated sway, brace & brackets for superior appearance & corrosion resistance.
- Unique adjustable M10 ball-stud end links for years of quiet operation.
- Made in the USA.

These 'CS' sway bar systems include a 22mm diameter three-point adjustable sway bar, integrated steel chassis brace, and our latest 'HD' end links. They are adjustable, durable, and quiet. And they require NO shims or washers to install. It's all in one kit. Just install, torque to the specs and go find a windy road!

'CS' 22mm Sway Bar rates:
310 lb/in. (soft)
360 lb/in. (middle)
410 lb/in. (firm)
  • Includes PROGRESS reinforced chassis brace as shown.
  • Size: 22mm
  • Adjustment Range: 3 holes
  • End-links Included: Yes
  • Includes reinforced bushing brackets, satin black PC finish.
  • All sway bars are powdercoated metallic gray.
  • One year limited warranty
  • Kit does NOT include the black OEM top hats. This kit is designed to reuse the OEM top hats. See instructions below (PDF).
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