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Bisi Ezerioha 1988 Civic WagoVan Fwd

Owner name: Bisimoto Engineering

Make: Honda
Model: Civic Wagon 2wd
Year: 1988

Driver: Bisi Ezerioha

Primary Use: Street/strip

Progress Product/Service Testimonial:
Progress has been the suspension facility of choice for all Bisimoto Engineering projects, and many successful road race, time attack, drag and salt flat teams in the US and overseas. The Bisimoto Engineering WagoVan is now one of the most popular sport compact Hondas on the planet, and the handling of the vehicle is absolutely astonishing. Not many companies can attack the challenge of designing a suspension setup that can allow for the multi purpose needs of street, auto-x and drag and Progress exceeded our expectations with this need.

Vehicle Accomplishments:
World's most powerful street fwd wagon
Highest hp/displacement street sport compact

Current vehicle modifications are as follows:
708whp and 487 ft/lbs with 91 octane and AEM water methanol injection
724whp and 500 ft/lbs with Torco 108 octane and AEM water methanol injection
Tuned on Bisimoto Engineering's Dynapack 4000 series

Progress CS-I coil-over suspension
Progress Honda EF sway bar
Progress Spherical Solid control arm Bearings
Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex bushings
Fastbrakes Lightweight 2-piece rotor brake assembly
Bisimoto-Spinwerkes Fighter special wheels, 15x8, staggered
Toyo T1R proxes, 195/45-15 for high performance/boost
Toyo Extensa HP 195/50-15 for low boost
Buddy Club steel lug nuts

D16Z6 head (sourced from, L&T Automotive)
Bisimoto Cam Gear
Bisimoto Springs and Titanium retainers
Bisimoto Level 3.6 camshaft
Supertech Stainless Steel intake valves, 1mm Over size
Supertech Inconel Exhaust valves, 1mm OS
Golden Eagle Head gasket

D16Z6 (thanks to Santos Jr.)
Arias 9:1, 75.5mm pistons, ceramic and moly coated
Golden eagle sleeves
Bisimoto Spec D16 H-beam steel Rods
Honda OE Bearings
Stock Ported and shimmed Oil pump
ATI Super Damper
Bisimoto/Evolution Aluminum Flywheel
Bisimoto/Evolution Sandwich plate
K&N Oil Filter
AEM Oil Pressure gauge
Hasport D-series EF Mounts (Brian G is the man!)

Stock D15B Vtec (for now)
Skunk 2 short shifter
Action 2MS clutch (good to 550whp), with Bisimoto/ Evolution aluminum flywheel
Spec D-series twin disk clutch and flywheel assembly, for high hp
Hasport Hydro to cable mechanical conversion kit
Insane Shafts D-series axle kit

Bisimoto heat shielding gasket
Golden Eagle Intake manifold
Skunk 2 68mm throttle body
T1 1000cc Injector dynamics Injectors
AEM Black Fuel rail
AEM Fuel pressure regulator
AEM fuel pressure gauge
-6AN fuel lines
Dual 255 lph pumps in series: in-tank and inline
Stock return lines
AEM Water Methanol kit (for high boost!)
Kinsler Monster Mesh fuel filter
Golden Eagle 90 deg. FPR relocation bracket

Turbo system:
Bisimoto-Turbonetics BTX6565, water cooled
Bisimoto Prototype top mount twin scroll manifold, "turbo hot" ceramic coated
Turbonetics RG-45 wastegate
Turbonetics Godzilla BOV
3" Intercooler piping
Turbonetics/Spearco 5-364
(3.5"x10.5"x28" wide...and yes, we made it fit!)
-3AN oil feed line
-10AN oil return
Burns Stainless 3.5" 2-stage muffler
3.5" aluminum exhaust system

Torco TBO 40 (break-in oil)
Torco racing 10W-40 (for low boost after break-in)
Torco SR-5 20w-50 (high boost and racing)
Torco MPZ Spray assembly lube
Torco MTF gear box oil

AEM 6040 Gen 2 EMS
AEM Twin fire
AEM Coil-On-Plug Engine Position Module
AEM pencil Coils
NGK BKR8EIX iridium spark plugs
AEM Serial Gauge
AEM boost control solenoid
AEM 5 bar map sensor
MSD digital Boost-a-pump pn 2351
Power XS S680 Battery
Rywire mil-spec wiring

Custom dual pass Griffin radiator
Buddy Club Radiator Cap

Steen Chassis "cage tuck" 5-point roll cage with removable driver's side bar
Custom "Bisimoto Blue" paint, by Rueda Custom Paint & Body
JDM EF mid wing
Golden Eagle rear tow hook
Reupholstered stock interior, with denim inserts
Seals, trim and accessories fro Norm Reeves Honda, Cerritos, CA.

Bisimoto Adjustable Oil Cap
Bisimoto Reservoir Socks
Type 2 graphics
Weksos EF front lip

Special Thanks/Props to:
Special Thanks to God; Jeff and Ed at Progress; the staff at SuperStreet; Hedi, Justin and staff at Bisimoto; John (x3), Devin, Kirk, Greg, Nate and Scott at AEM; Reggie and Brad at Turbonetics; Laurie, Steve, Debbie and Alex at WebCam; Beeri and Carmen at Arias; Cheri, Beverly, Bob, Fernando and Robert at Golden Eagle; Al and Turtle at Evolution; Tom at Portflow; Alex at Action; Jack Burns; Jeremiah at Type 2; JC and Ricky at ATI; Brad, Fernando, Scott and Ramon at NRH; the Chronicles; Big Mike; Ryan at Rywire; Ernie and Ned at Torco; Brian and Hasport; Albert and Julio at L&T; Santos Jr.; Scott and John at Dynapack, James at SF; Luis at Rueda Paint;; Hideki, and Julie at Toyo; Bob and Shane at CarCraft; Nestor at K&N; Danny and Shelly at Spec; Aaron at Driftmotion; Dr and Lolo E.M.E Ezerioha; Uncle Pius; John Y at American Honda; Kris at NGK; Gary and Jason at Steen Chassis; Society of Automotive Engineers; the Federal Republic of Nigeria.