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Charlie Moua 1991 Honda Civic Si

Make: Honda
Model: Civic Si
Year: 1991

Driver: Charlie Moua

Primary Use: Drag & Road Race

Progress Product/Service Testimonial:
Hands down the CSII kit is provides the best bang for buck coilover system for weekend racers. There is no BSsery to their products. You are not paying for the trendy color or 64 way adjustability of which most users dont need or know how to take advantage of. You get developed products so you dont have to do the guess work.

What is most valuable about being Progress customer is the companys ability to help their customer grow according to the drivers skills & race application. I currently participate in drag racing & road racing. I started off with the CSII kit with 350f/350r, progressing to 450f/500r and currently working with Progress to testing stiffer springs. Their CSII kit and adjustable rear sway bar has performed wonderfully at the track. Im excited to see what they are coming up with next.

Vehicle Accomplishments/Goals:

- 450 whp road racing
- 500 whp drag racing
- 2,370 lbs
- 11.5 @ 128 mph (2013)

My vision was to build an EF which I could race in multiple motorsports events (drag, time attack, high speed challenge) as well as car shows. I fashioned the exterior based on the late 90s import era which captivated/inspired me growing up. Some Honda guys have a bucket-list of honda cars once owed, rare rims to have sported, dyno numbers to achieve; for me its a list of tracks throughout North America the EF must tackle.

Current vehicle modifications are as follows:
- GSR Transmission
- Mfactory LSD
- Competition Clutch Stage 4
- Exedy flywheel
- ARP flywheel bolts
- stainless steel clutch line kit
- Hydraulic clutch pedal conversion

- B18C1
- CNCwerx CSS
- Eagle rods
- Wiseco pistons
- ACL bearings
- ARP head studs
- Rocket Motorsports SL dual valvesprings

Induction & Fuel
- Speedtrap Turbo Consulting GT3540S, watercooled
- ported Skunk2 intake manifold
- forward facing T3 manifold, downpipe, chargepipe, dumptube
- custom FMIC (Garrett core)
- custom 304ss 3 in. exhaust (V-band + Magnaflow)
- -6an fuel lines & fittings (Russell filter)
- Turbosmart Race Port 50mm blow off valve
- Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm wastegate
- Hondata S300 V2
- Walbro 400lph intake fuel pump
- FIC 1150cc injectors
- AEM fuel rail
- AEM fuel pressure regulator
- Senditracing ICM
- Mallory Hyfire 6A Ignition
- NGK spark plug wires
- Crane blaster coil
- Fabworx oil catchcan

- Full Race radiator
- Zirgo 13 in. puller fan
- fan shroud
- radiator air diversion plate

Suspension & Chassis:
- Progress CSII kit
- Progress adjustable rear sway bar
- Innovative traction bar
- Skunk2 Front camber kit
- Skunk2 Rear camber kit
- ARP extended wheel studs
- Muteki lug nuts
- Energy Suspension shifter bushing
- Hubcentric 3mm spacer
- Hasport motor mounts
- Hasport shift linkage

- ATS fluid
- Stainless steel braided brakes lines
- DC Integra GSR brake booster
- DC Integra 1 in. master cylinder
- DC Integra brake proportion valve
- DC Integra rear disc brakes
- DC Integra front rotors 10.3 in.
- ITR front calipers
- Cobalt Friction XR3 front pads
- Custom 2.5 in. front air duct
- EF civic knuckles *
- EF civic calipers *
- EF civic front rotors 9.4in. *
- Hawk HP+ front pads *
- Hawk HP+ rear pads

Wheels & Tires
- FFD 15x8
- Hankook RS3 225/45/15

- Bogart Dragon Fly 13x8 front & 15x3.5 rear *
- MT 24.5/ 8.5/13 *
* Drag race setup

Interior & Electronics
- Kenwood deck
- Kenwood speakers
- Autometer SCII series, boost gauge
- Autometer SCII series, oil pressure
- Autometer SCII series, oil temp
- Autometer SCII series, water temp
- NGK NTK wideband

- Wings West RS kit
- Wings West mid-wing
- Chargespeed replica spoiler
- OEM Galapagos Metallic Green
- custom hood damper
- Shaved engine bay, emblem, antenna, rear wiper, key holes
- Brake line tuck
- CJ milspec tuck harness
- CJ milspec foglight harness
- Prelude Fog lights
- Polymer brake air duct
- Rear mount kill switch
- PWJDM side markers
- PWJDM corner lens

Special Thanks/Props to:
- Jordan Scheryer, tuner & friend over past decade
- Dan 'Fargo' Koetz, machinist
- Tim Nelson, alignment
- Andrew & Jim, metal fabrication
- Chris of MAPerformance
- Jeff of Progressauto
- Jeff of CNCwerx
- John of Phearable
- Mac of Speedtrap Turbo Consulting