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CS2 Coil-over system #77.1003.5565

Sunday was my first track day with my CS2 system and WOW, these things are great! I ran the 550F and 650R setup and dialed in my alignment. I could not believe how great this setup felt! And for the price! I cannot believe you all have made a product this good and for so little! I also like the fact I can just order another strut at any time for cheap if needed. Although I am running a D16Y8 stock engine, this suspension gave me the confidence to toss this car into the turns and hold the line I wanted! I set the fastest NA FWD Time for the day. Even beat out a friends ITR by .5 seconds! Thank you for making such a quality product at such a great price! I will always recommend everyone to go with the CS2s. A lot of guys asked what my setup was and I was proud to say Progress CS2s! I have attached a picture from Sunday. I will be ordering a Special Projects 2D spoiler soon and running a bit larger front splitter when the spoiler comes.


Photo credits: Tom Duncan & Dave Choe