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Hasport Honda Civic with V6 swap!

Debuted at Cal Speedway, Fontana CA...
Hasport's latest hot Honda swap. How about a 3.2 liter J-series NA powerplant plus NOS! Complete with the unmistakable V6 exhaust note and big grunt from 3.2 liters of Honda Power. And yes, we like the cutout in the hood to clear that big intake. Oh yeah, PROGRESS Time Attack CS-I coil-overs, adjustable rear anti-sway bar and spherical pivot bearings front to rear to tame this beast.

Hasport's Brian Gillespie comments:

"We could have avoided the hood cutout by using a different intake manifold, but we like the look. We installed a J32A with 6 speed trans, and the torque curve is dead flat with over 200 ft/lbs of torque from 1800 rpm to around 6500 rpm. Look for the car to compete at Super Lap Battle in November"