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Matt Stover 1999 Honda Civic

Owner name: Matt Stover

Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Year: 1999

Driver: Matt Stover

Primary Use: SFWD Drag Racing

Progress Product/Service Testimonial:
A great group that works with the racers to get the best results through advice and customization for your application!

Vehicle Accomplishments:
Best 1/4: 9.29 sec.(2014)
Best 1/8: 6.200 sec.(2014)
Best 1/4 MPH: 162 mph(2014)
Best 1/8 MPH: 128 mph(2014)

Numerous Race wins and Placements.
See for more!

Current vehicle modifications are as follows:
- B Series Honda Engine, 950+ HP
- Competition Clutch Twin Disc Unit
- Progress Auto SFWD configured Coilover Setup
- M&H 24.5 in. by 9.5 in. Slick Tires
- Liberty's Transmission
- Source Racing Front End
- Fabrication by EBTEC of Powder Springs, GA

Special Thanks/Props to:
First Off, Matt Patterson and Jody Jordan for the 100% effort keeping the car on a steady path to success. Coating's M.D. for all of the Ceramic and Dura coating on engine/boost components. Corey at The Dent Guy for the clean Paint and Body work as always! Larry Smith's Machine Shop in Rome, GA for the continued support. James Emmino and Jesse Brantley @ EBTEC for all of the fabrication work and dyno time. Elmer Cerritos at Arias for the piston support. AHobbs Racing for the great support on parts and the front end. Brett at Clevite Bearings for the continued bearing support. Khris H. Photo for the always incredible event/random photos AND videos. Kathryn Smith Stover and my daughter for putting up with it! Keep learning and keep on moving forward.