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8/9th Gen Accord is going tubular!

June 12, 2018

Progress Tech has developed a new tubular rear sway bar kit for 8/9th Gen Accords. Now 2008-2017 Accord owners have a choice. Our 'standard' 22.2mm upgrade sway bar or a more aggressive tubular 25.4mm option. Tubular bars provide the necessary rate with less mass than a equivalent solid bar. The new bar is a two-hole adjustable design with lateral stop rings for instant bar response. The larger diameter bar works well with wider wheels & UHP tires, as more grip requires more roll control. This larger option will suit more aggressive drivers looking for flat and balanced and 'closer to neutral' cornering. *Progress 25.4mm diameter precision-bent tubular alloy sway bar. *Low-deflection poly bushings and lateral location rings for instant roll response. *New bushing brackets with TIG-welded gussets for maximum durability. - Powder-coated sway bar and brackets for superior appearance. - Complete hardware kit includes bushings, brackets and synthetic chassis lube. - Designed for use with OEM end links. - Developed specifically for the Accord platform, not a Acura cross-over design. - Made in the USA. Available May 2017. Our shopping cart is functional now. Sway bar comparision: OEM 16.0mm solid 41 lbs/inch 62.0105 22.2mm solid 138/153 62.0107 25.4 tubular 200/220 Which sway bar should I choose the 22m solid or the 25mm tubular sway for my Accord? It depends. If your Accord has OEM or mild wheel/tire upgrade, are a moderate-driving commuter or you drive in a lot of bad weather, the 22.2mm sway bar is a best option. If you are an aggressive sport-driver running UHP super-stickies and looking for more cornering power, the 25.4mm bar should be on your shopping list.