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Congratulations to Ian from Denver, Colorado!

July 14, 2009

The Progress Group would like to congratulate Ian from Denver, CO for being the second winner of the "Track Day Stimulus" promotion!  He took the time to fill out our simple little survey (here) and he was lucky enough to be picked for a free track day. 

Ian is entering his forth year of competitive driving, starting with Autocrossing in 2005, then moving to the ranks of road racing in late 2006.  He competes with the two major sanctioning bodies in the Rocky Mountain region: NASA and SCCA, and is well respected in both.  In 2007, Ian held a Chief position with the SCCA Solo Program, and took on the role of German Touring Sportscar Challenge Director for the NASA RM region (

Ian will be attending the NASA Rocky Mountain regions' event at High Plains Raceway the weekend of September 27th.  Best of luck to Ian and everyone else out there with a craving for racing!