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Less sway and more control for Toyota Camrys!

May 04, 2016

Toyota Camry owners need suspension upgrades too!  Sport-tune your 2012-13 Toyota Camry for improved handling with an upgraded Progress Rear Anti-sway bar.  This bolt-on suspension component will minimize the uncomfortable body "roll" during sport driving, and reduces understeer or "plowing" during cornering.  The sway bar replaces the OEM rear unit with a larger diameter alloy steel sway bar and new polyurethane bushings.  The replacement polyurethane bushings are firmer than the OEM rubber units, so the new bar responds faster to cornering inputs.  The new Progress sway bar will also improve tracking and cross-wind driving situations as well.  The kit is complete, including synthetic chassis grease & installation instructions.


Rear anti-sway bar, 19mm diameter, for 2012-13 Toyota Camry (all)

Includes anti-sway bar, poly bushings, brackets, plates, & synthetic chassis grease, complete.

MSRP = $215