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New rear sway bar for Honda CR-Z

April 11, 2011

Honda's introduction of the new CR-Z is timed perfectly to combat today's steep gasoline prices.  So enjoy the awesome fuel economy and bolt on some handling fun!  Install this new Progress Technology rear anti-sway bar system for your CR-Z.  The PROGRESS rear anti-roll bar is a hefty 19mm alloy steel fabrication.  The bar is silent and non-adjustable, as it bolts into the OEM rear axle beam assembly.  The installation is quick and easy, and requires only six fasteners (supplied) using OEM hole locations.  The two OEM plastic wind deflectors on the axle beam can be trimmed using the template supplied, and reinstalled for optimized under-car aerodynamics.  This system includes all necessary hardware components and installation instructions.

This new rear anti-roll bar will improve chassis balance, quicken steering response, and improve driver confidence by minimizing the uncomfortable body "lean" while cornering.  All Progress anti-sway bars are manufactured in-house, feature precision MIG-welded ends, and are powder coated metallic graphite gray.  Order one here on our website, or from a dealer near you.

#62.1062, Rear anti-sway bar for CR-Z         Street price $156.00 plus shipping