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PR - 2006+ Ford Fusion Suspension Components

March 27, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif. - The Progress Group, Inc. has developed a new rear anti-roll bar and sport-lowering springs for the 2006+ Ford Fusion (excluding Hybrids and AWD models).  This combination of Progress Technology suspension upgrades will dramatically improve the handling capability, steering response and chassis balance of this new Ford platform. 

The 24mm solid steel alloy rear anti-roll bar features two adjustment holes for tuning the chassis balance and it is designed to work with the OEM end-links.  The kit includes all necessary hardware including low-deflection polyurethane bushings, brackets, and special bushing grease.  All Progress anti-roll bars are precision-cold formed and manufactured in-house. 

These springs will lower the car approximately 1.2" in the front and 1.3" in the rear.  Our tests were performed on the 4 cylinder, so you can expect a slightly bigger drop with the V6 models.  This will give the car an aggressive stance and improve the handling by lowering the center of gravity and increasing the spring rates.  These springs are progressive rate designs and have been developed for use with OEM dampers. 


Please make note of the new part numbers for these products. 

Lowering springs:       40.0850           $187.00

Rear anti-sway bar:    62.0850           $144.50