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PR - Mopar LX platform anti-sway bars - Magnum, Charger, Challenger, 300C, and SRT-8s

March 17, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif. - How does the old saying go?  The bigger they are they harder they roll?  There's no exception with these Mopar LX based cars.  Big cars, big power, and the need for bigger sway bars!  The Progress Group, Inc. has developed a great pair of anti-roll bars to help minimize body roll on these HEMI powered cars.  These bars will dramatically improve the handling capability, steering response and chassis balance on these Mopar LX based platforms.  The cars included on this list are the Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, 300C, and the SRT-8 variants of these cars. 

The front bar is a 35mm (1.375") hollow bar with a 4.7mm (.188") wall and the rear is a 22mm (.875") solid steel bar.  We recommend that these bars be installed as a front and rear set to achieve optimal performance.  The bars are designed for use with OEM end-links and the kit includes all necessary hardware including low-deflection polyurethane bushings, brackets, and special bushing grease.  All Progress anti-roll bars are precision-cold formed and manufactured in-house.


Front anti-sway bar:    61.0635           $182.75

Rear anti-sway bar:    62.0635           $148.75