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Progress upgrades for the Mazda MX-5 ND platform

June 30, 2016

Progress MX-5 suspension upgrades are available now!

Mazda engineers have done an awesome job developing the ND platform for the new MX-5. Our team at Progress has completed two very well-received upgrades; a sporty set of chassis springs and a set of larger adjustable sway bars. 

Our sport springs will lower the ND platform 1.25 in. (32mm) and moderately increase spring rates for tighter & more responsive handling. This kit is perfect for daily drivers looking for a lower ride height and occasional track use. Add a pair of our more aggressive Progress Sway bars for less body roll and more driver confidence. When traction increases, so does body roll. Our spring & sway bar combination is a great addition with a 'grippy' UHP tire upgrade. 

Our Progress ND Sway bars are larger diameter for more roll resistance and feature multiple-adjustment settings for fine-tuning the chassis balance. The rear sway includes a pair of unique rear sway bar chassis reinforcement brackets (see photo). The new polyurethane bushings are firmer than the OEM rubber units, so the new bar responds faster to cornering inputs. The sway bars are complete with all necessary bushings and fasteners. 

* Precision CNC-bent alloy steel anti-sway bars

* Adjustable sway bar ends 

* Polyurethane bushings for instant roll response 

* Metallic gray powder coating finish

* Includes synthetic bushing grease

*Designed for use with OEM end links

*Also fits the new 2016 Fiat 124 

40.1134 Sport Spring set $195.50 web

61.1134 Front Sway bar, 28.5mm tubular, three-hole adjustable $216.75 web

62.1134 Rear Sway bar, 16mm solid, two-hole adjustable $165.75 web