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Tune your Dart!

October 11, 2014
The Dart is back!  Detroit has delivered, and today's Dodge enthusiasts have a new small-car platform ready for suspension upgrades.  This platform was inspired by the popular European Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which enjoys a huge following in Europe. 

So you have upgraded the wheels and tires, and now the traction has increased. More traction means more body roll, and the 'leaning' during cornering follows suit. The fix is simple! Bolt-on a Progress rear adjustable sway bar, and tame that unnerving body 'lean' while cornering. Now enthusiasts can sport-tune their 2013-14 Dodge Dart for improved handling with an upgraded Progress rear Anti-sway bar.

This bolt-on suspension component will minimize the uncomfortable body 'roll' during sport driving, and reduce understeer or 'plowing' during cornering.  This rear sway bar replaces the OEM 14 or 15mm bar with a larger 19mm diameter alloy steel anti-sway bar and new polyurethane bushings. The end of the sway bar has two adjustment locations, so you can fine-tune the roll stiffness. The replacement polyurethane bushings are firmer than the OEM rubber units, so the new bar responds faster to cornering inputs. This Progress sway bar upgrade will also improve highway tracking and speeds up the steering response.  The kit is complete, including synthetic chassis grease & installation instructions. 

Rear Anti-sway bar rates:
OEM 14mm diameter              53 #/inch
OEM 15mm diameter              70 #/inch
Progress 19mm (soft setting)    160 #/inch
Progress 19mm (firm setting)    209 #/inch

* The web page for this product will be active for orders as soon as we have the inventory in stock, tentative for mid-May 2014.

Rear anti-sway bar, 19mm diameter, for 2013-14 Dodge Dart (all) 
Includes anti-sway bar, poly bushings, brackets, plates, & synthetic chassis grease, complete.
Note: This system uses the OEM end link assemblies

MSRP = $215.00
Suggested = $182.75
Shipping weight = 13#