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Coilover System 3 (CS3), RSX | Progress Technology

02-05 RSX

Order Coilover System 3 (CS3), RSX by Progress Technology today.

Part No. 78.0102
Our Price: $1232.50
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Please note: This kit is currently open for orders now. PLEASE NOTE that the target ship date/s are late APRIL. All back orders will be shipped in the order received. There will be a price increase in early MAY. Order now for the best price and ship date.

What's new with CS3 V2 Coil-overs? More aggressive rebound damping, 12 linear rebound (RA) settings for easy tuning and an all-new progressive foam bump stop design. 

Progress Tech's highly-regarded Acura RSX CS3 Coil-over system has been updated! The ride quality has been further enhanced with 12 adjustable rebound settings to dial in the ride and responsiveness of your DC5. These CS3 Coil-over kits are perfect for the performance-minded enthusiast wanting to improve handling, control & vehicle response. The new 12-way adjustable dampers are aggressively tuned for a enhanced handling and higher spring rates. The seamless steel front strut housings are CNC machined and precision-fabricated, then plated with an attractive and durable Mil-spec electroless nickel finish. The tie-rod locations have been modified for bump steer correction. The rear threaded sleeves are stainless steel. The aluminum perch adjusters and spring adapters are clear anodized for durability. Our exclusive take-apart front housings are rebuild-able and the rear dampers are available as service parts.

What is the CS3 all about? Tune your ride! You can easily change the top-adjust rebound settings and personalize ride and chassis response to your preference. The rebound settings have 12 linear steps and there is plenty for your favorite road or track day set up! This means that the CS3 has our characteristic "sporty" ride on softer settings. Turn up the rebound settings for track days or some quick 1/4 mile drag launches

  • 12 top-adjustable rebound settings
  • Twin-tube dampers with deflective disc valving
  • Shortened front housings for additional wheel travel
  • Modified tie-rod location for improved bump-steer
  • Progress Race springs are wound using high-tensile spring wire
  • Includes two custom spanners and all hardware
  • Requires OEM steel TOP HATS for installation
  • Street-Sport : 350 #/in front / 650 #/in rear
  • Autocross-Track : 425 #/in front / 850 #/in rear

Note: Kit does NOT include the black OEM top hats. This kit is designed to reuse the OEM top hats.

Here is some help SELECTING YOUR SPRING RATE combination. All rates are (front/rear):

** STREET & SPORT : 350 #/in front / 650 #/in rear
This set up is a great compromise between ride quality and all-out handling. Some impact on ride quality makes for less understeer and faster vehicle response. The stiffer front springs also help prevent bottoming out. This combination is great for a performance street-driven DC5. The ride is will be more harsh than OEM. Great fun on the highway or twisty roads with an experienced driver.

** AUTOCROSS & TRACK : 425 #/in front / 850 #/in rear
This set up is much more aggressive. This calibration has more grip, and is intended for use with “track only” alignment settings and UHP sticky tires. If ride quality is a concern, don’t go here because the stiffer springs make for an uncomfortable (and choppy) highway ride. This is a more balanced and LESS FORGIVING setup intended for enthusiast TRACK days and AUTOCROSS events. These combinations will also launch well for mild drag applications on DOT tires. Expect a HUGE improvement in handling capability. This would also be a great low-budget setup for DRIVING SCHOOL or TRACK events. This setup has much faster chassis response and offers MORE GRIP in most cornering situations. The chassis balance will have minimal understeer with Progress sway bars, “track-only” alignment settings and real UHP tires. This is a BIG compromise in ride quality and will require more driving skill to drive at the limit (on the track please) NOT RECOMMENDED for wet/snow/poor weather and road conditions.


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