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Truck Sway Bars

Progress LT Sway bars will greatly enhance your daily driving or towing experience by significantly reducing body roll, improving chassis balance and tracking. LT Sway bars also control unwanted vehicle motion while towing or hauling heavy loads.

Today’s pickup trucks are capable haulers, tow vehicles, and great for doing purposeful work. Late model pickups are some of the best trucks ever built; comfortable with plenty of power available. But we are frequently disappointed with the handling capability of these modern workhorses.

PROGRESS Sway bar systems are an excellent supplement to your OEM pickup suspension. They are a simple bolt-on suspension upgrade, and will greatly enhance your daily driving or towing experience by significantly reducing body roll and improving vehicle control.

Truck End Links

Progress LT End links provide fast and precise sway bar response to all chassis motions. These LT End links feature stout steel construction and low-deflection poly bushings for instant response without the delay of OEM rubber bushings. LT End links are available in a number of configurations and lengths to suit many popular truck and SUV applications, including lifted and lowered vehicles

Auto Sway Bars

Less roll. More control.  Progress Tech Sway bars dramatically improves handling. Our Sway bars minimize the body roll and keep the tires flatter and better-connected to the pavement for more control during cornering. More stable tire contact patches result in better handling and added driver confidence. Chassis tuning with larger and/or adjustable sway bars is an effective way to improve chassis balance and minimize the under steer so common with late model vehicles.

Our sway bars replace smaller Original Equipment sway bars and soft rubber bushings with larger diameter alloy steel bars and tough polyurethane bushings. Progress Tech Sway Bars are cold-formed using our precision CNC bending equipment. Laser cut or machined ends are MIG-welded in place using precise fixtures for an exact fit. All Progress Tech Sway Bars are developed and manufactured in-house and proudly made in the USA.

Auto End links

Progress Tech Adjustable End links replace the standard OEM end links for miles of quiet and trouble-free operation. These end links use our unique HD ball-socket ends and machined aluminum connectors (three piece links). Adjust the end links to the OEM length or fine-tune your installation for zero sway bar pre-load and no cross weight. End links available in four length options.

Sport Springs

Progress Sport Springs will significantly improve vehicle appearance and handling capability. The modest lowering will improve appearance and lower the center of gravity. Sport-tuned spring rates will enhance vehicle handling and reduce unwanted body roll while offering a fun and sporty ride quality.  Progress Sport Springs are manufactured using only High-tensile Chrome Silicon spring materials. These coil springs are would on modern CNC coiling machines, stress-relieved, pre-set, shot-peened and powder coated for maximum durability.

Coil Over Systems

Progress Tech Competition Series Coil Over Systems offer unmatched performance at a competitive and value-driven price. Our Progress Coil Over systems are the result of decades of development experience and miles of testing and race track use. Experience the refinement that Progress brings to the market with these advanced suspension systems.

These suspension systems have been developed for sport-tuned daily driving, plus weekend fun at the autocross or track day events. Enthusiasts will appreciate razor-sharp steering and awesome steady-state grip and great tracking for effortless highway miles. Progress Coil Over Systems include twin-tube dampers, cellular foam bump stops, and application-specific cold-wound spring designs. The springs are isolated from the chassis using molded components for a quiet and noise-free installation, and all necessary components are included.