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Progress Technology anti-sway bars dramatically improve handling. How? They minimize the traction-robbing body "lean" that rolls part of the outside tires off the pavement. Our Sport-tuned Sway Bars replace smaller OEM sway bars and rubber bushings with larger diameter alloy steel bars and harder polyurethane bushings. Adding more "roll stiffness" means less body "lean" or "sway" and the tires remain flatter and better-connected to the pavement. The larger and more stable tire contact patches result in more grip, control and added driver confidence. 

Chassis tuning with larger and/or adjustable sway bars is a simple and effective method to improve chassis balance and minimize the excessive understeer (or plowing) so common in our modern vehicles. Progress Sway Bars are cold-formed in-house using our precision CNC bending equipment. Both laser-cut and CNC-machined sway bar ends are MIG-welded in place using precise fixtures for an exact fit. All Progress Sway Bars are developed and manufactured in-house and proudly made in the USA!  All Progress Sway Bars are covered by our Limited Warranty to the original purchaser. 

All Progress Sway Bar systems feature:

  • Cold-bent on modern CNC three-axis equipment
  • Alloy steel sway bar material
  • Fabricated bar ends & lateral rings are MIG-welded in place for an exact fit
  • Unique polyurethane bushing designs
  • Complete hardware & instructions included
  • Made in the USA

Note: Sway bars are often mentioned using different terminology. Other names you may hear are: anti-roll bars, roll bars, or anti-sway bars. Well-engineered sway bars control body roll and are NOT the same as strut bars or other under-chassis reinforcement products. Strut bars and chassis stiffeners do not reduce body roll (the uncomfortable chassis lean) during cornering.

Coil-over Systems

Progress Technology has a long lineage of Competition Series (CS) Coil-over systems for Honda/Acura applications. Read on for some information about all three systems. 

CS1 Series:

Our original CS1 systems are non-adjustable steel-bodied shocks. Our aggressive tuning is ideal for superior street performance and autocross applications. Our exclusive twin-tube damper designs are unique in the market, and some are rebuildable. In addition, the steel strut housings (front) are plated with a Mil-spec electroless nickel finish. Many of the components of the CS1 series systems are manufactured in the US and/or built in-house at our Placentia CA facility. Our Limited Warranty covers original purchaser for one year from the purchase date. Applications include Acura RSX 2002-2006, Civic 2001-2005, Civic 2006-2011 

CS2 Series:

Our CS2 Coil-over systems are non-adjustable dampers manufactured to our specifications. These twin-tube low pressure gas systems are available in a wide range of spring rates tuned for daily drivers, street performance and your perfect weekend-warrior drag or track day ride. If you're on a tight budget and you're looking for a great system for an unbeatable value, a CS2 kit is just the ticket. With no fancy knobs or big bling, these kits deliver everything you need and nothing you don't. Replacement shocks are available through Progress Group for any necessary service condition. Our Limited Warranty covers original purchaser for one year from the purchase date. Applications include Integra 1990-93, Integra 1994-2001, Civic/CRX 89-91, Civic 1992-2000 

CS3/RA Series:

Our latest CS3/RA systems are now available, and include rebound adjustable damping. These new dampers widen the spring rate selections to include eleven combinations up to 550/650 (f/r). Now you can purchase a track-day or drag race combination at an affordable price. Or enjoy the smooth ride of softer springs and dial in the rebound control to suit your driving style and road quality. Our Limited Warranty covers original purchaser for one year from the purchase date. Applications include Integra 1990-93, Integra 1994-2001, Civic/CRX 89-91, Civic 1992-2000 

  • Use the search feature above to locate the specific listing for your vehicle. 
  • Please note: Our customer service department can answer your technical and application questions via email or phone. We also offer service & parts for any of our current coil-over applications.
Sport Springs

Progress Sport-lowering springs will significantly improve vehicle appearance and handling capability. The lowering will improve appearance and lower the center of gravity. Sport-tuned spring rates will enhance vehicle handling capability and reduce the body roll while offering a fun and sporty ride quality. These spring kits are designed to work with OEM shocks, and will benefit from using high performance dampers such as Tokico, Bilstein, or Koni. Our engineering staff has decades of experience in the design and tuning of performance suspension systems, including CART/Indy Cars, IMSA, SCCA, NASA, and SCORE competitors. 

These Progress spring designs reflect our ability to develop a successful blend of appearance, handling capability, and ride quality. Progress specifies only certified high-tensile SAE spring wire materials. Our coil springs are cold-wound on modern CNC coiling machines, then stress-relieved, pre-set and shot-peened for maximum durability. The springs are then powder-coated with our signature metallic gray color for an attractive and durable finish. Progress Sport Springs are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding finish) to the original purchaser.

All Progress springs & Coil-over Race springs feature:

  • CNC cold-wound precision manufacturing
  • High-tensile certified spring wire
  • Shot-peened & preset for durability
  • Made in the USA
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